Eastern Congo – Hospital Updates

Baraka Victory Centre is endeavoring to assist  the hospitals in eastern Congo.

Ongoing humanitarian crises along with chronic under-funding and lack of resources has left hospitals in the Fizi Zone without capacity to adequately serve the 405 255 inhabitants of the Zone. The Centre de Santé Mshimbakye and Nundu Deaconess Hospital serve a large population, with few resources and little assistance.

DSC_0239 DSC_0196

The challenges in the Fizi Zone are many.

The local population is in great need of medical care after decades of violent conflict and medical neglect due to a lack of access to health care services. Furthermore, the hospitals in the zone have not escaped the conflict unharmed either. Pillaging and theft has further depleted the hospital’s stocks of medications and left them without the ability to respond and provide sufficient care for patients and localities at large.

DSC_0191  DSC_0222

During a recent trip out to the communities where Baraka Victory Centre operates, BVC spent time touring the Centre de Santé Mshimbakye and Nundu Deaconess Hopsital in order to better understand the challenges that they are facing and explore possible areas of contribution.

Centre de Santé Mshimbakye

In Mshimbakye, the lack of equipment to provide care with has become dire.  The centre in Mshimbakye has had to reduce it’s services to providing Malaria treatment and care for simple ailments such as headaches and stomachaches. Any illness more severe or complicated is referred to Médecins Sans Frontières. 

DSCF1079 DSCF1094

Mshimbakye also has a Maternity Centre that consists of only one bed. There is no real alternative for local women so the Maternity room is used as is, without equipment.


Nundu Deaconess Hospital

Nundu has struggled to recover after pillaging. Equipment and funds for medication continue to be the most pertinent needs as Nundu Deaconess Hospital continues to serve the population as best as it is able.


Baraka Victory Centre is committed to walking with the Centre de Santé Mshimbakye and Nundu Deaconess Hospital as they seek to provide care and treatment to the population of the Fizi Zone under extreme and desperate circumstances. We invite organizations, corporations, and individuals to join our efforts in providing resources and support to these health care centres.

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