Advancing Education and Literacy:

Communities in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo are severely under-resourced in the education sector. This creates obstacles to rebuilding communities and prevents communities from escaping the cycle of poverty and building a better future. Baraka Victory Centre (BVC) is taking action to respond to this need and support literacy and education in Baraka and surrounding areas.12809918_1065575686837782_93500188_o Baraka and Uvira, eastern DRC have a combined population of over 494,000. But neither Baraka nor Uvira have a public library. Schools and universities are without adequate resources and suffer from a lack of teaching materials to support the work they are doing to educate the population. Sectors other than education such a healthcare and clinical practitioners, researchers and professors, and social service workers are also impacted by the lack of resources and are limited in continuing and furthering their education and skills.

In order to respond to this need in the communities that we are present in, Baraka Victory Centre is building a community centre that will boast Baraka and Uvira’s only library.  The library will be open to the public and will offer books, textbooks and other educational materials from a variety of subjects and topics. There will also be activities for youth, a computer lab and a print centre to serve the community in ways that are unique, needed, and have great possibilities for creating a positive impact.12801215_831434740317659_3196892154818401003_n We have already received a donation of educational materials and medical textbooks, but we need your support to continue building this centre, stocking our library, and getting the other goods that we have collected, such as the computers for the computer lab shipped to Baraka.

In order to continue this great project and bring it to completion, we are in need of financial support, material help, and volunteer involvement. You are invited to donate to our container shipment fund which will enable us to transport computers, printers, and other supplies to Baraka, the link to donate can be found below. You are also invited to volunteer with our team to help us plan, build, and stock the library and community centre. Please contact our team for more information about the ways that you can get involved!

Shipping a Container –

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