Empowering Young Women

Baraka Victory Centre is supporting three young women in their university studies. They are bright, hard-working young women who have hopes of giving back to their communities after completing their studies.


Education is a vital way for young people, especially females, to escape the cycle of poverty, gender-based violence and other humanitarian crises facing the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The girls want to bring hope and healing to a population that hasn’t known peace in over 3 generations. Justine is in her 2nd year of Information Technology; Esther is in her 1st year of social work; and Louise is in her first year of Business Administration and Economics – Money and Banking.


Your generosity in helping these ladies better themselves, so they, in turn, can help others achieve their hopes and dreams will be greatly appreciated and will have a big impact on their lives. Your contribution will help with their tuition, textbooks, boarding/living expenses and all university supplies.

Follow this link to donate and open a door of possibilities for these three young women-




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