About BVC

Baraka Victory Centre ‘BVC’ is a non-governmental humanitarian and philanthropic organization providing refuge, support, and resources to those in need in South Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). BVC holds a provisional-certificate in the Fizi Territory:

Provisional Authorization

Attestation D’Enregistrement

Our Mission: 

To help people and communities in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo rebuild their lives and experience physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing after decades of war, conflict, and instability. We seek to encourage and facilitate access to educational opportunities while promoting the development of strong character through interpersonal relationships. BVC is based in Baraka and works mainly with orphans, children, and youth, to improve the quality of life within Baraka and the surrounding area; to build a better future for all people in eastern DRC. BVC is walking with many vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals and families in the Baraka area and offers support to those in need without discrimination and free of judgement.

Primary Domains of Intervention:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Human and Children’s Rights

Our Beneficiaries:

Our beneficiaries include orphans and vulnerable children and youth, as well as widows and people with disabilities. Some of the ways we offer support to our beneficiaries include:

Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programs: The main focus of our support for orphans and children involves child sponsorship which includes school fees and uniforms, adequate and nutritious food, and paying for any medical appointments and services that are required.

Youth Programs: Youth programming involves life skills training which educates on HIV/AIDS prevention, conflict resolution, responsible management of personal finances, and principles of moral ethics. We also provide sponsorship for secondary and higher education.

Widows: BVC offers support for widows through micro-credit loans and child sponsorship which provides widowed mothers with the means to send their children to school and ensure a better future for their families.

People with Disabilities: People with disabilities can also receive support from BVC through micro-credit loans and sponsorship for the pursuit of higher education in order to assist people facing challenges relating to marginalization and isolation within society.

Our Objectives:

  1. Care for orphans and provide opportunities for education to encourage the achievement of their potential and encourage their full participation in the community.
  2. Promote the rights of children.
  3. Train and educate rural youth on the rule of law, democracy, human rights, peace and development as a way of strengthening national unity.
  4. Promote and provide health education in the areas of personal hygiene, healthy lifestyles and prevention of HIV/AIDS.
  5. Provide care and opportunities for widows.
  6. Facilitate access to educational and livelihood opportunities in order to break the cycle of poverty.
  7. Support individuals with disabilities and provide microcredit and educational opportunities.

Our Board of Directors:
Our Board of Directors includes both our Directors of Strategic Planning as well as our  Officers of Operations:

– Founding Members (5)

– Administrative Directors and Administrative Officers (2)

– Field Directors and Field Officers (6)