Baraka Victory Centre is involved in the development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo through diverse initiatives both independently and with our community partners. Our current focus and activities are detailed below as well as our aspirations for the future.


Current Focus: Child and youth sponsorship: Working with local orphanages and staff in the Democratic Republic of Congo BVC has sponsored a number of young orphaned children to be able to attend school and receive financial support for clothing, food and basic necessities. BVC has also sponsored more than 3 young adult refugees to attend Hope Africa University in Burundi.

BVC staff are available for consultation with other organizations and to offer any support to our beneficiaries. BVC believes that the most successful initiatives come from a bottom-up, grassroots approach. We are a community organization that seeks to facilitate community-building through community-partnerships and initiatives. We work both domestically and internationally believing that we can accomplish so much more together locally, nationally, and internationally than we could ever accomplish alone.

Future Plans:

1. Build a community centre to operate activities out of which will include:

  • Community Library
  • Teaching and training centre
  • Multi-purpose youth programming centre
  • School and orphanage
  • Clinic
  • Community Garden

2. Be able to pay our Field Team a monthly wage thereby contributing to job creation and economic self-sufficiency.

3. Develop a stable funding base to ensure that our organization is able to function and continue daily activities, thereby freeing up portions of our staff to focus on our community enrichment projects.