Baraka is located in the Fizi Zone of South Kivu province and borders the Lake Tanganyika. The Lake Tanganyika is one of the largest fresh water Great African Lakes it boasts a beautiful landscape that connects Baraka (Democratic Republic of the Congo) to Tanzania, Burundi and Zambia. Baraka is an economic-hub of the Fizi Zone and has a population of 115 289. With numerous elementary and secondary schools as well as two higher education facilities and one university Baraka has great potential to be a wonderful community to live in. Baraka also boasts the only modern hospital in the Fizi Zone along with 6 other health centres to serve the local population.

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While much progress has been made in Baraka many of the locals still struggle with meeting daily needs and accessing resources that will enable them to better their lives and the lives of their families members and the community. After decades of armed conflict in the Eastern Provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Baraka is among the many areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo facing a devastating humanitarian crisis.

Economic, social, and political development in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been greatly hindered by the wars from starting in 1996-1997 and 1998-2003 with recurring conflicts that have persisted since. Many individuals find themselves unable to provide for basic needs which has led to a large number of malnourished people. The health care system has found itself unable and ill equipped to respond to disease outbreaks and to provide adequate treatment to the many victims of the fighting.

With over 2.96 million people internally displaced within the Democratic Republic of the Congo due to the conflict and inadequate infrastructure to respond to the humanitarian crisis Baraka is in need of ‘feet on the ground’ to provide refuge and support to the population both directly and indirectly affected by the fighting and to assist by helping to remove the financial barriers to health care, education, and accessing adequate and nutritious food.

Baraka Victory Centre was created to be a resource for the local population in Baraka and the Fizi Zone to find support in addressing the social and economic challenges in the Fizi Zone.

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