Sponsor a Child-Student

Baraka Victory Centre partners with orphanages on the ground in the Fizi Zone. Through sponsorship those orphanages are able to send children to school; provide them with nutritious meals; give them a safe place to live; and provide for other needs as they arise such as doctors visits and other health expenses.

Due to ongoing violent conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo many children have been left orphans and many caregivers and extended family members find themselves unable to financially support the children that have been left in their care.

Below you will find the profiles and pictures of children in Nundu, Baraka, and Uvira who are in need of support.

If you wish to sponsor one of these children, please complete the application form at the bottom of the page. Once your application has been received BVC will be in contact to arrange the payment of the sponsorship fees.


The sponsorship fees are as follows (Canadian dollars):

  • School tuition: $65.00/year
  • Food: $15.00/month ($180.00/year)

Sponsorship fees can be paid either in one full installment, in two installments 6 months apart, or on a quarterly basis every 3 months.

If you wish, you may communicate with your sponsored child through BVC.

BVC does not keep any portion of the money collected for sponsorship for administrative purposes. However, it does cost $15.00 every time money is sent to the Democratic Republic of Congo and we ask that those who wish to sponsor a child cover this fee. If you pay to sponsor a child for one year in one installment the $10.00 fee will only be charged once. If you pay in two installments or in monthly installments the fee applies for every installment.