Baraka Victory Centre/ Nundu Deaconess Hospital

Baraka Victory Centre / Nundu Deaconess Hospital.

Baraka Victory Centre is partnering with Nundu Deaconess Hospital. Right now, Nundu D. Hospital is in huge need of volunteers in many areas.


Nundu Deaconess Hospital serves a large population on the eastern edge of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The hospital is run by Congolese physicians and has a long history of partnership with Free Methodist World Missions. The hospital campus suffered great losses due to ongoing wars in the region since 1996. Restoration is still underway.

More details on Nundu Hospital:

 Dr. Lwabanya Marx, MD (Brown University Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership (EMHL) Class of 2017) was appointment to Medical Director of Nundu Deaconess Hospital. He is reaching out for help in restoring this hospital. With the little you have, you can save someone’s life.

More information on Dr. Marx achievement from the Brown University website:

For information about volunteering with NDH, please don’t hesitate to contact John Dunia (in Ottawa, Canada) through BVC at his blog post about his 2015 trip to DRC, including his visit to NDH, at or Dr. Lwabanya Marx (Located at Nundu DRC).





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